Reuben Cross' article written for the Liberty Register [August 11, 1938] concerning the history of the Mutton Hill Cemetery continues with the following;

"...The Reynolds children numbered 15. One hundred years after the marriage of Henry Reynolds, it was estimated that his descendants numbered upwards of one thousand. When the town of Neversink was organized in 1798, Reynolds was elected its first supervisor; and in 1805 he was a member of the Assembly.

"As we look around at the smaller markers we see such inscriptions as the following;

"Mary, wife of Benjamin Gillett. Died 1808. Born 1765.

"Betsy, wife of James Brown. Daughter of Seth Gillett. Born 1783. Died 1836.

"Mehelabel Hall. Born 1736. Died 1812 (born over two hundred years ago and died during the second conflict with Great Britain)

"Ezekiel Gillett. Born 1767. Died 1837.

"Alvan Hall. Born on Mutton Hill 1809. Died 1872. Son of John Hall who migrated from Litchfield, Conn., 1789.

"Phebe Drake, widow of Jeremiah Drake. Died Nov. 21, 1853. Born 1770.

 "Phebe Hall. Born on Neversink Flats 1812. Died 1897. Daughter of Jeremiah Drake who migrated from near Peekskill, 1793.

"There are many other markers bearing such interesting dates and inscriptions.

"It seems a pity that this little historical burying ground, about 90 feet by 125 feet in size, should be only partially enclosed by a dilapidated fence and be permitted to become overgrown with weeds and briars, while in the northeast section stands decaying a century old hemlock endangering these historical and fragile markers. For surely some day this tree is doomed to fall as all trees do, and I doubt whether an American flag has graced this little spot in more decades than one."



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