I saw a picture sometime ago of four old Neversink men who were 80,or 90. or 100, as the case might be. They were, as I remember, James Curry, Highby Everet, Nehemiah Everet and Sam (not Samuel) Barnes.

Sam Barnes was a neighborhood tramp of 60 years ago - a cat-licking shoemaker and a fisherman who promptly spent for whiskey the money he received from his fishing and shoe repairing. He used to explain by saying that he chose to be the administrator of his own estate. The village boys used to tease Sam when he was intoxicated. One day he secured an old gun and fired a shot among them, killing one of his tormentors - as fate would have it, one of the least offensive.

Julia Quick was the neighborhood woman tramp. She went from house to house, washed, scrubbed, spun and wove, but she would never stay more than a few days in any one home.

These two characters were a part of the home life along the Neversink in the 70's.

But there were many, very many strong characters along the Neversink at this time, and I can easily recall many of them. Those whom I fail to recall, having long ago passed on, will pardon my lapse of memory....

Monroe Wright



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