SCHS Observer; November 9, 1964

"A blue-and-gold historical marker has been erected on the front lawn of the Intercounty Trust Company in the village of Monticello to mark the site of the first building built in that community.

"Constructed by the Jones brothers, Monticello's first structure was put up in December, 1804. Planking from the original house has been employed to panel the Board of Directors room in the bank.

"The marker, which was paid for by the village of Monticello and erected by its Department of Public Works, differs from the usual historical sign in that in place of the name of the State Department of History being at the bottom, it bears the name of the Sullivan County Historical Society.

"It is hoped that other communities will evince a like interest in their local history and erect similar signs. The markers are purchased at a cost of $45, less pole. The incentive for the marker in Monticello was supplied by Mrs. W.G. Durland, Museum Curator, who arranged the matter with village officials."