Republican Watchman 1909 08 13 01 1$1,000,000 FIRE IN MONTICELLO


Seventy-Four Places of Business and Residence Go Up in Smoke-—A Sorry Spectacle—But Monticello Will Build Again.

The larger part of the business section of Monticello is In ashes. It's glory has departed. At S:30 o’clock on Tuesday night, the power house of the Murray Electric Light & Power Co., was discovered to be on fire and was in a mass of flames before the fire bell had made the necessary strokes locating the fire section.

With surprising rapidity the flames spread and in an hour the entire village seemed to be doomed, and but for the persistent fighting of the firemen there would have been saved to no one a place to rest his weary head.

As it is, some have lost all they had, and no loss, as far as wo have been able to learn, was covered entirely by insurance.

From the power house the fire Quickly swept buck to the Palatine Casino, and in less time than it takes to chronicle it. that place of masquerade, frolic and fun was in a mass of flames. The Palatine, P. C. Murray’s fine hotel, stands directly in front of the Casino, and that was the next building to go up in smoke and flames, and a sorry sight it was indeed. It swept across the street to Strong's Block, destroying Strong & Co’s, book store, S. L. Strong’s grocery store, T.H. Dougherty’s harness store, and John .D. Lyon’s law office. The telephone central office, standing in the rear of tile Strong Block, caught on fire and with it went W. C. Oddo’s tailoring and furnishing store, Preston’s bar-J her shop, and Frank Ray’s household goods

Court Room Burned. ,

A high wind fanned the flames into a roaring, raging' wall of fire which swept down Broadway consuming everything before it


The following is an exceprt from our new Digitized collection of the Republican Watchman 1909.

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